We are part of a whole!

Our society is plural and presents us with numerous challenges. One of our most important commitments is to return to society, to which we are a part, everything it has provided us in these 20 years of existence, and we do this by contributing to a more equal future for all. Respect for all people, all religions, welcoming people with disabilities, equality of race, gender and sexual orientation is present in our daily lives.

Independent Project

The main objective of the project is to support women who are heads of families and seek complementary activities to increase income. Many are a bit of everything: bakers, retailers, manicurists, cleaning ladies, babysitters, hairdressers, sometimes they have a fixed job, but don’t have enough wages to support the family, so they supplement the income with other activities. Faced with the need, it is common to do all this at the same time. These women work hard, but continue to struggle to maintain their families. We researched and identified that these women, despite performing the tasks well, and sometimes many at the same time, do not know how to price their product or service, do not know how to organize their time in view of the countless activities they develop, and are unable to make good choices due to lack of information, in the end they are exhausted and continue with the same financial difficulties. Seeking to fill this gap, the Independent Project was conceived, with the support of residents’ associations and NGOs offering a totally free workshop, mentoring and short-term management courses, taught by qualified professionals, and developed for these women to learn how to better manage their activities and gains and become really independent

Diversity Partners Project

Through the Diversity Partners Project, we seek to exchange experiences with companies, offices, organizations, associations and sports clubs, as well as join forces to amplify information about the rights of all. We believe that Diversity is the driving force behind great changes in society. The integration of all groups with inclusion and respect in a welcoming environment where each one can expose their point of view increases the real awareness of the whole. Through meetings, lectures and debates we plan joint attitudes that can be inserted in the daily lives of companies, offices and organizations that contribute to eliminate all forms of prejudice in relationships. We value plurality, equality of race, gender and sexual orientation, respect for all religions and the inclusion of people with disabilities. We are part of a whole!