Succession planning (family holding company)

In line with the most recent trends, we work on succession planning, seeking to bring to our clients the tranquility and guarantee of respect to their will in the transmission of their goods. It is up to the personalized study of each family, the set of assets and the legal adaptations to the specific cases. The focus is on carrying out the transmission of assets in a balanced manner, whether from personal assets or family businesses, seeking governance that allows for tax efficiency and perpetuity. Our clients receive extensive advice in the search for legal solutions aimed at organizing and preserving the succession of assets, preventing disputes. Options for this planning are succession through inventory and sharing of assets, donation in life, reserve of usufruct on these assets, making of a will or the creation of a family holding company. In all these cases, our specialized multidisciplinary team acts with personality, temperance and objectivity in advising to reach the most appropriate solution and proposed strategy for each client. Good succession planning can facilitate the creation of holding companies, reduce costs with taxes and bureaucracies, resolve future family conflicts and ensure the tranquility of all those involved.