Our Story

Started 20 years ago, the firm Fiaux & Advogados Consultoria Jurídica (Fiaux & Lawyers Consulting) has formed a heritage of legal knowledge through intense and dedicated advocacy work in various fields. The history of the office began with clients that were small and medium-sized companies; and, with the growth of our team, we started to serve individuals.

The years of experience in serving companies in the most varied segments and individuals in various matters, has allowed us to accumulate knowledge, which has made our service specialized, with an exclusive and differentiated focus on the provision of legal and consulting services. This know-how provided by the firm’s history is strengthened by the previous experience of our strong team of lawyers, all with extensive background in large and well ranked companies.

Maturing along our trajectory, in recent years, the portfolio of the area of family holding and succession (inventory) has shown ample growth. The firm’s experience in the corporate area provides a unique differential and excellent performance in these procedures, especially in cases involving companies to be inherited.

We are always present to the customer at the moment of need, knowing how to serve him with wide availability in attendance. The partnership between our legal body and the client allows the achievement of the most appropriate solutions, through the balance between the situation experienced and the incessant search for the best outcome for the issue.

We follow the rapid changes in social relations and the progressive dynamics of legal matters. Given the peculiarities of each case, it is necessary for the client to have competent and up-to-date professionals by his side, a team of professionals that is able to identify his real needs. Our professionals seek to thoroughly analyze the issues presented, combining accurate and updated legal knowledge to generate effective solutions.

The business environment has, among other characteristics, the routine of constant negotiations. Years of strong activity with companies have provided us with a broad business vision. We work with the client in negotiations, advising in the best way with guidance and care. The advice provided to our clients has a pro-business vision, aiming at the best path, ensuring rights, without making the business unfeasible with the possible security in the scenario presented to us.

By working closer to the client’s reality, we create personalized service. Knowing the scenario of each case in depth, the strategy decisions to follow tend to be more assertive.

Our goal is always to present a work of excellence, both in the preparation of procedural documents, as in the daily monitoring of the case, whether in the preventive field or in the field of litigation.

Transparency is part of our work and presents to the client the clarity of all the procedures adopted, as well as the real possibilities of the case and an estimate of the financial investment to be spent for the execution of the service provided.

Our history certifies our ability to provide an excellent service to companies and individuals.


Dr. Vanessa Fiaux  is known for her extensive experience in acting in several states and for her solid academic background, as well as for her skills in representing clients in complex matters involving multiple jurisdictions. Founding partner of the Fiaux e Advogados firm, in her professional training she acquired experience working for many years for financial institutions, metallurgical industry, beverage industry, plastics industry and entertainment sector, as well as having a strong role in succession planning and property protection, having a systemic view of both civil and tax issues that involve the operation, in this step she acted, and still acts, advising national and multinational clients in the solution of legal and administrative issues, as well as in the elaboration and execution of the best conflict management strategy.

Academic education

  • Post-Graduate – Business Management – Institution: Dom Cabral Foundation
  • MBA – Tax Management – Institution: USP
  • LLM  – Corporate Law – Institution: IBMEC –RJ.
  • Post-Graduate – Tax Law – Institution: Gama Filho University
  • University graduate – Gama Filho University
  • Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish


Integrity, for us, is synonymous with a commitment to objective action, avoiding ambiguities and maintaining best practices. We seek to detect, prevent and resolve behaviors that are inconsistent with our DNA.

Maintaining an integrity program is our way of demonstrating a commitment to building ethical and honest relationships. We cultivate an environment of transparency in our service, which provides lasting relationships.

One of the pillars of our integrity program is to be aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG number 16, entitled: “Peace, justice and strong institutions”.

Our entire Integrity Program is supported by the Advocacy Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.


The organizational culture of Fiaux & Advogados (Fiaux & Lawyers) is expressed in our DNA, based on five pillars and on the motto “transparency, objectivity, honesty and ethics”. This culture guides our relationship with customers, partners, employees and society. Our DNA is born from the strategic planning of the firm and the experience of the first twenty years of Fiaux & Advogados‘ history.



Partnership and permanent dialogue with the client, characterized by consistency, coherence and clarity.


We seek a balance between all spheres involved in our work, be it client, employee, partner and society. In this network of relationships, everyone is important and deserves respect and attention. We care about the well-being of the people we work with, trying to resolve any issue with serenity.


Towards our customers and also employees, partners and society in general. To that end, our objectivity is a differential: we only inform and defend what we believe.


Constant study, dedication, permanent dialogue and aligned team.


Do what has to be done. No matter the size of the cause, the job needs to be done well.


To offer dynamic and objective work in partnership with the client, seeking the most appropriate solution, respecting the differences in scenarios and the individuality of each person or company.


To have as a differential a clear, honest and objective contact with the client, based on full knowledge, in terms of reality, perspectives and specific needs. Maintain ethical and excellent work, providing relevant and balanced solutions in each case.

Us and

We are part of a whole!

Our society is plural and presents us with numerous challenges. One of our most important commitments is to return to society, to which we are a part, everything it has provided us in these 20 years of existence, and we do this by contributing to a more equal future for all. Respect for all people, all religions, welcoming people with disabilities, equality of race, gender and sexual orientation is present in our daily lives.

The main objective of the project is to support women who are heads of families and seek complementary activities to increase income…

Through the Diversity Partners Project, we seek to exchange experiences with companies, offices, organizations, associations and sports clubs…