Property Sharing

The sharing of assets can take place in a consensual or litigious way. The division of the couple’s assets may be the subject of a separate action, and there is no need for a solution on this issue in the divorce process. The issue of property sharing is influenced by the property regime adopted by the couple or by a prenuptial agreement signed by the spouses. The most common property regime in Brazil is the partial communion of goods, which covers goods acquired after the union was formalized. There is also the universal community of assets, in which all the current and future assets of the spouses belong to the couple; the total separation of assets, in which the spouses’ assets will always be an individual property; mandatory separation or legal separation of assets, applicable only to spouses over 70 years of age; there is also a mixed regime in which, when there is a separation, the assets acquired by the couple are verified and these are divided in half. The sharing of assets, as it turns out, is a delicate process that receives attention and zeal from our team of lawyers.