Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Office Fiaux and Lawyers, available through the Website, Blog and Mobile Applications, has as one of its highest priorities, the privacy of its visitors. This document establishes the Terms of use and the Regulations in force.

  1. Purpose and Content

The Office Fiaux and Lawyers website, located at www. Advogados.com.br has the sole purpose of providing institutional information about the firm and its members. No part of the content made available through this website, including institutional newsletters and articles written by members of the firm, should be interpreted as advice or legal advice. Legal advice should be obtained from our lawyers.

2.Content sent by visitors

Some Sites and / or Applications may allow the sending and / or transmission of content by Visitors, such as comments, messages, photographs, audiovisual works, brands, distinctive signs, interviews and texts for dissemination in open content areas of the Sites and / or Applications. In this case, the visitor declares to be aware and expressly agree that the information identifying his profile, as well as any content sent by him / her and / or transmitted to the Site and / or Application may be accessed and viewed by any other visitors, without the Office Fiaux and Lawyers have no responsibility for such Content.

The Office Fiaux and Lawyers are not responsible for information published on external links that are contained on this website.

Likewise, the office cannot guarantee the accuracy of information related to seminars and other events organized by third parties.


  1. Copyright

All materials displayed on this website are protected by intellectual property laws and cannot be reproduced and / or distributed without the express authorization of the Firm and Lawyers.

  1. Information Collection

4.1. Cookies – Cookies are small files that may or may not be added to your terminal and that allow you to store and recognize your browsing data.

4.2. In your navigation on the website and / or application, four types of cookies may be used:

  1. a) Authentication Cookies: serve to recognize a particular User, enabling access and use of the Site and / or Application with restricted content and / or services and providing more personalized browsing experiences.
  2. b) Security Cookies: are used to activate security features of the Sites and / or Applications, in order to assist in the monitoring and / or detection of malicious activities or prohibited by these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as to protect User information from access by unauthorized third parties.
  3. c) Research, Analysis and Performance Cookies: the purpose of this type of cookie is to help understand the performance of the Site and / or Application, measure the audience of the Site and / or Application, check the browsing habits of Visitors on the Site and / or Application, as well as how it arrived at the Site and / or Application page (for example, through links from other sites, search engines or directly by address).
  4. d) Advertising Cookies: are used to present relevant advertising to the Visitor, both inside and outside the Site and / or Application or on partner sites, as well as to know if the Users who viewed the advertisement visited the Site and / or Application after have seen advertisings. Cookies can also be used to remember any searches performed by Users on the Site and / or Application and, based on the searches performed by Users on the Site and / or Application, to present Users with advertisements related to their interests.
  5. Registration

The Sites and / or Applications have open content areas and restricted content and / or services. In order for the user to access restricted content and / or services, it may be necessary to register on the Site and / or Application, by creating a profile by providing some personal registration data, such as: full name, address, e-mail. Other Registration Data for identification of the User and / or access to the Site and / or Application may be requested, if they are necessary for the identification of the User and / or for access of the User to the restricted content and / or services.

  1. From data collection to fraud and risk prevention

In order to guarantee security and avoid cyber threats to the authentication process and access to the website and applications, the Firm and Lawyers will include in the collection, storage and processing:

– Geographic location

– Screen resolution

– IP address and port

– ID code (IMEI) of the mobile device

-Information regarding the date and time of use of the website and / or application

– Operating system used

– Browsers their respective versions


  1. Sharing personal information

Information about our customers is considered confidential, and it is not part of our activities to sell or pass on personal or transactional information to third parties.


  1. Protection of information

All of our systems were designed with your security and privacy in mind, so we take the following measures:

– Audits and Intrusion Tests are regularly carried out on our controls through independent and reputable companies.

– We protect the security of your information when transmitting to or from websites, applications, products, using encryption protocols and software.

– We maintain controls and procedures to protect information in relation to the collection, storage and disclosure of personal data. Our security procedures mean that we can request proof of identity before we disclose personal information to you.

  1. Changes to access and terms of use and privacy policies

The Office Fiaux and Lawyers may at any time at its sole discretion and without the need for any prior or subsequent notice to any User or third party, may suspend, cancel or interrupt access to the Site and / or Application and remove, alter and / or update the all or in part the Site and / or Application as well as its respective contents and / or Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Any changes and / or updates to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will become effective as of the date of their publication on the Site and / or Application and must be fully observed by Visitors.

  1. Acceptance

  By using our Sites and Applications, you consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its Terms of Use.

  1. Of the competent forum

Controversies arising from conflicts related to this Policy shall be resolved in accordance with Brazilian law, with the São Paulo / SP Forum competent to settle such disputes, to the exclusion of any other, however privileged it may be.


This Policy takes effect on October 1, 2020.