The collation understands that the descendant may ask for consideration, at the time of sharing, of donations made in life by the testator to another descendant. It is understood that the descendants who compete to the common ancestor of succession are required to check the value of the donations it received in life, otherwise he can be blamed for tax evasion. The following list presents items that are not objects of collation: ordinary expenses of the ascendant with the descendant as a minor, in education, studies, support, clothing, treatment in illnesses and trousseau; wedding expenses; donations made in defense in criminal proceedings; remunerative donations made to the ascendant as a way of paying for something that the son did for free; or even a donation that has an express provision as part of the available assets. It is a penalty of tax evasion to the descendant benefited by the donation, who, urged to collate, resist or act in bad faith, and may lose the right of succession in relation to the value of the property.