Judicial or extrajudicial inventory and property sharing

The inventory is necessary when a person dies leaving assets to be shared. It is a process of raising and universalizing assets, including assets and debts; the whole set of movable and immovable assets, rights and debts are listed, and subsequently divided among those who are entitled to this inheritance. The extrajudicial sharing is that carried out in notary offices. It can be done when all the heirs are of legal age and agree with the sharing of the assets left; it is a quick procedure and avoids judicial bureaucracy. The judicial sharing is required when there are heirs who cannot answer for their interests, or when there are conflicts. If the heirs are unable to reach a consensus, or if there are controversial assets, or even when the inheritance involves minors, it will be up to the judge to analyze the set of assets and say what is the right of each of the heirs.