Stable union recognition

The stable union deals with the relationship in which there is no formal civil marriage process, however, there is a union as a family entity. A stable union is understood to be the relationship in which there is an intention to form a family, in addition to public, continuous and lasting coexistence. It may be registered with a public deed or not; likewise, it can be dissolved in court. In such cases, if there is disagreement as to the beginning of the stable union, or even about the very existence of the same, one can demand the recognition of the stable union with the help of a lawyer. It is also necessary to clarify that it is possible to request recognition of the stable union after the death of one of the spouses; this process is carried out by judicial means, and the interested partner should seek a lawyer, informing the duration of the union, if there were children resulting from the union and if assets were acquired. Given this recognition, the spouse will be able to acquire inheritance rights in relation to the partner.